L3673 Olive Green 300X300

Olive Green

  • Lumen
  • Trespa® Meteon®
  • L3673

Note: All samples are 90x90x4 mm

For technical information, installation instructions, certifications and other documentation please visit trespa.info


Sizes: 3650 x 1860, 3050 x 1530, 2550 x 1860

Thickness: 8 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm

Types: Varitop, Double sided decorative, Single sided decorative

Note that double-sided decorative comes with Satin reverse.

Trespa® Meteon® Lumen Diffuse, Lumen Oblique and all Lumen with Metallic Effect (products with LM code) feature a directional coloured surface.

Fire retardant

EDF - Exterior grade, severe use, flame retardant grade. Manufactured to European standard EN 438:6. Please refer to the material property datasheet on trespa.info for more information.


EDS – Exterior grade, standard use. Manufactured to European standard EN 438:6.


Code: 7010-B90G


Code: 7043

Colour system notations:
NCS® and RAL Classic notations represent the closest match available in the particular system. They may or may not be exact and are provided for guidance only.
When exact colour information is required, or for cross-material matching (HPL to other materials), please always refer to an actual laminate sample in the specified finish.