Manufactured in the Nordic region with upgraded surface
technology, VIVIX+® ensures buildings maintain their pristine
appearance, enduring the test of time and weather.

A modern cladding solution, for new buildings and renovation projects

VIVIX+® panels are a highly usable cladding solution for both residential and commercial projects.

• Cost effective method to reclad older buildings, giving them a fresh appearance and greater appeal.
• A modern material, for new buildings - either to clad the full facade or to create design features, alongside complementary materials such as brick, render and glass.

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Product Build

VIVIX+ high pressure laminate panels are made from layers of wood based (natural) fibres and impregnated with thermosetting resins.

Formica Group invented high pressure laminate in 1913 and has been manufacturing facade panels since the 1970’s. VIVIX+® panels are manufactured in Finland specifically for the Nordic market.

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Naturally Great-Looking

VIVIX+® by Formica Group offers year-round weather resistance and UV protection, exceptional durability, and easy-to-clean surface technology.

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Your Building Protection

Serving as a protective shield against the elements, this cladding enhances building performance through its use in a ventilated facade system, ensuring proper air circulation, moisture management, and thermal protection.

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Convenient Solution

VIVIX+ provides panels in sizes designed for easy handling, installation, and on-site modification, featuring minimal dust and mess during installation, and a relatively lightweight design.

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Inspired by the Nordic Nature

The range draws inspiration from the Nordic environment, offering 15 neutral hues, and complemented by 4 vibrant “fun colours”.

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10-year Warranty

If installed and maintained correctly, the panels will continue to look good for decades.