Architectural Transformation with Trespa® Meteon®

Discover how Trespa® Meteon® HPL cladding transformed a visionary architectural project in Poggibonsi, Italy.

PRODUCT LINE Trespa® Meteon®
DÉCOR SET Trespa® Meteon® Wood Decors
ARCHITECT Filippo Martini, Flavio Bonsignore | Studio Ora Architetti
PHOTOGRAPHER Enrico Belli | Artnine Studio Fotografico
USE Façades

This exterior facade with NW19 Dark Mahogany, designed by Ora Architetti, showcases the remarkable capabilities of Trespa® HPL panels, with a captivating hexagonal pattern inspired by the dynamic world of bees, symbolizing dedication and commitment.

Trespa Meteon HPL cladding NW19 DARK MAHOGANY

Versatile qualities of cladding

Ora Architetti, experienced in harnessing Trespa® Meteon® versatile qualities, leveraged this material's exceptional attributes, including long-term color stability, minimal maintenance, and effortless cleaning. Their vision demanded a material that could be intricately shaped through complex geometric milling and cutting, making Trespa® Meteon® panels an ideal choice.

Trespa Meteon cut into hexagonal pattern

Crafting a unique facade

Architect Filippo Martini and Architect Flavio Bonsignore faced a significant challenge in their design process: creating a seamlessly continuous surface that emanated a captivating, uninterrupted aesthetic. They meticulously crafted individual panels, millwork, and perforations to achieve this desired effect. To further enhance their creation's allure, they employed innovative lighting techniques, resulting in a mesmerizing "hexagonal stars" display at night, making this architectural achievement easily recognizable and unforgettable.

crafting unique facade with Trespa Meteon

Trespa® Meteon® facade solutions, exemplified by NW19 Dark Mahogany, not only transform architectural exteriors, but also tell a story of dedication, creativity, and the power of visionary design. Explore how this material can elevate your architectural projects and leave a lasting impression on facades and exteriors.

facade with trespa meteon panels

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