Trespa® Meteon®

Where compelling aesthetics and limitless design possibilities meet

Discover our exterior panels with an enormous range of designs, unique patterns and long-lasting colours in high-end materials and finishes that promise compelling aesthetics. Combine the cladding with other materials, create perfect one-of-a-kind effects or simply look for other value-adding options to determine a distinctive look and underline your building’s qualities. It’s now possible with Trespa® Meteon®.


Reimagine what architectural claddings can do

Design freedom for architects. Trespa® Meteon® brings compelling aesthetic and nearly limitless design possibilities to next-generation architectural claddings, offering architects true design freedom.

The wide portfolio of decors, colours, textures, dimensions and shapes provide almost unlimited combinations. Its high-performing and long-lasting material is based on a unique EBC (Electron Beam Curing) technology, providing a proven high-quality material with outstanding aesthetic value that will last for years.

Every panel has multiple fixing options that allow you to either accentuate lines or create seamless, edge-to-edge finishes.

New aesthetics

Sleek, timeless appearance combined with nearly limitless colours and customisable shape combinations. Available in a broad range of decors, sizes and thicknesses. Trespa® Meteon® brings compelling aesthetic and nearly limitless design possibilities to next-generation architectural claddings. A broad selection of innovative finishes and striking effects, standard or bespoke options allow you to play with variations to create striking design and natural appearances.


Proven high quality that lasts and lasts

Trespa® Meteon® is extremely weather-resistant; sun, rain and moisture have almost no effect on the panel's surface or core. Colours will not change significantly for at least ten years, even under the most severe climatic conditions or in heavily polluted industrial areas. Furthermore, Trespa® Meteon® requires minimal maintenance across its long lifetime. The whole product range comes with a 10 Year Standard Limited Warranty.

Match style with sustainability

Every Trespa® Meteon® panel is designed to last for at least 50 years. That’s equal to the expected lifetime of most buildings. This means that your design will continue to look great for as long as the building exists. When the panels are placed on a ventilated façade, it also improves the sustainability aspect. Added to this is the possibility for the reuse of the panels as part of our ‘Second Life’ initiative, where old panels are repurposed and given a new lease of life.