Modular Construction Approach with Trespa®

Wanders Mobile Chalets is one of the Netherlands’ largest custom builder of high-quality and luxury recreational homes, informal care homes and caravans.

Modular holiday homes with a sleek exterior

Each year, approximately 400 homes find their way to Dutch, German, Belgian, and Swiss holiday parks, as well as individual clients.

These buildings can be customized to match specific customer preferences or produced in series. Wanders handles every aspect of these structures, providing complete solutions that encompass kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, wardrobes, and more.

Efficiency and Sustainability: The Advantages of Controlled Prefabrication

Thanks to the prefabrication process in a controlled environment, there's no need for protracted on-site construction. This not only minimizes disruptions for residents but also reduces noise pollution and on-site CO2 emissions. Additionally, it ensures swift and efficient deliveries. Inclement weather or frost doesn't impact construction schedules or product quality, making this approach equally suitable for regular housing markets, including smaller starter homes.

For the Droompark Bad Hoophuizen project, Trespa® exceptional cladding products were chosen for the building facades. This cladding solution perfectly complements contemporary designs characterized by clean lines. With Trespa® products, buildings maintain their vibrant colors and sharp contours over time, requiring minimal maintenance. Their practicality extends to the realization of sleek designs, eliminating the need for painting.


LOCATION Netherlands
PRODUCT LINE Trespa® Meteon®
A05.0.0 Pure White, NM07 Casted Grey
Wanders Mobiele Chalets
Individual Housing, Leisure 
PHOTOGRAPHER ©Wiktor Golabek

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