Revitalising Coastal Living

Nordic Facade Solutions, in collaboration with IBI Wood and Robusta, has delivered Pura® NFC by Trespa panels to this picturesque villa on the West Coast of Sweden.

The villa is beautifully situated and has received an updated and maintenance-free facade that will withstand the coastal climate and continue to look equally stunning for decades to come.

IBI Wood, with its expertise in wood products, is a loyal supplier of cladding panels from Nordic Facade Solutions, providing Trespa® Meteon®, VIVIX+® by Formica Group, and Pura® NFC by Trespa. For this project, they have partnered with Robusta Construction Ltd to renovate the facade of the magnificent villa and settled on Pura NFC as the material due to its maintenance-free properties and natural appearance.

Coastal Living: A Blend of Beauty and Challenges

Nestled along the serene West Coast lies a charming villa that has recently undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Nordic Facade Solutions, IBI Wood, and Robusta. This idyllic residence now boasts a refreshed facade, crafted with enduring beauty and resilience of Pura NFC panels, promising timeless elegance in the face of coastal elements.

The allure of coastal living often comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to preserving the aesthetics and structural integrity of buildings against the relentless forces of nature. Recognising the need for a solution that combines both durability and aesthetic appeal, the homeowners turned to Nordic Facade Solutions for their expertise.

Pura NFC Cladding Panels for Durability and Elegance

Suggested Pura NFC panels emulate the natural warmth of wood and offer unparalleled durability against harsh coastal conditions. These high-pressure laminate panels, available in a variety of decors, provide a maintenance-free alternative to traditional cladding materials, ensuring the villa remains pristine for years to come.

Seamless Integration

Collaborating closely with Robusta Construction Ltd, a trusted local contractor, the implementation of Pura NFC panels proved to be a seamless process, flawlessly blending functionality with aesthetic finesse.

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Location Sweden
In partnership with IBI Wood and Robusta
Product Pura® NFC
Decor PU22 Slate Ebony
Market Segment Residential
Build Year 2024

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