Pura® NFC - for a complete cladding solution

Pura® NFC by Trespa is a versatile solution for most siding projects and gives maximum design freedom and a long lasting, beautiful finish.

Pura® NFC includes installation clips, colour-matched profiles and fasteners. The tailored collection comes with everything needed to create an evenly hued façade with a rich palette of options to suit many architectural styles. Pura® NFC is made of up to 70% natural fibers that go through Trespa's advanced in-house developed manufacturing process.


The complete Pura® NFC solution means installation doesn’t have to drag on. Installers can put the sidings up quickly, then they maintain their pristine appearance year after year.

This video shows an example of vertical installation.

The complete range is available through Nordic Facade Solutions, order your samples today and start planning for your next project.

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