Sustainable Design of Hoppet Preschool in Sweden

Hoppet preschool, located in Gothenburg, Sweden, is an exemplary project in sustainable construction, particularly in the education sector.
This innovative wooden structure has garnered recognition, including the prestigious Building of the Year 2022 award in the Community Properties category.

The vibrant effekt of TRESPA® METEON®

The façade design of Hoppet preschool incorporates Trespa Meteon cladding panels in A08.2.3 Salmon, A10.3.4 Terra Cotta, and A07.1.1 Sand decors. These panels contribute to the building's durability and low-maintenance requirements, while the diverse range of colours adds vibrancy to the exterior, enhancing the overall visual impact of the structure.

Sustainable Design Principles

The project's design philosophy revolves around sustainability, with every decision being meticulously weighed against its environmental impact. By leveraging natural materials such as wood and cork, the design team has minimised the building's carbon footprint while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for its residents. Additionally, the use of recycled materials, such as foam glass in the collier foundation, underscores the project's commitment to resource efficiency.

Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The design of Hoppet preschool prioritises connectivity between indoor and outdoor environments, fostering a seamless transition between learning spaces. Windows are strategically framed to double as seating, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior areas. Moreover, the layout features an inviting courtyard, promoting outdoor activities and engagement with nature.

Recognition and Awards

Hoppet preschool has garnered acclaim for its forward-thinking design and commitment to sustainability. In addition to winning the Building of the Year 2022 award, the project received bronze in the WAN Awards 2020, affirming its status as a pioneering example of sustainable architecture.

Hoppet preschool stands as proof of the transformative potential of sustainable design in the construction industry. By prioritising environmental practices and innovation, this project has not only redefined the concept of preschool architecture but also inspired a paradigm shift towards more eco-conscious building practices.



Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Architect LINK Arkitektur
Product line Trespa® Meteon®
Decor A08.2.3 Salmon, A10.3.4 Terra Cotta, A07.1.1 Sand
Use Decorative casings around windows and doors
Market Segment Education
Build Year 2022
Collaboration Derome and Vink Essåplast
Photography Felix Gerlach

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