Innovative Facades: PLOQ's Sustainable Retail Expansion

Nordic Facade Solutions, in collaboration with KSL Trading, has redefined the architectural landscape of St1's innovative ventures. With a focus on sustainable aesthetics, Nordic Facade Solutions has supplied cutting-edge facade panels that seamlessly integrate into the vision of CO2-conscious energy promoted by St1, the leading energy company in Sweden.

PRODUCT LINE VIVIX+® by Formica Group, Trespa® Meteon®
DÉCOR F9655 River Grey, NW02 Elegant Oak
USE Façades

The chosen facade panels, Trespa® Meteon® NW02 Elegant Oak and VIVIX+® by Formica Group in F9655 River Grey are curated with precision and environmental consciousness. These panels, characterized by a grooved, ribbed design, not only enhance the structural integrity of the buildings but also align with St1's commitment to a more sustainable future.

With a network of 480 stations in Sweden, including 270 fuel stations and over 100 marketplaces, St1 has transformed store operations into its chain, exemplified by PLOQ. PLOQ, an innovative concept born in 2018, challenges norms with its fresh approach and bright, wooden-furnished stores under the theme "Foodfulness on the move." PLOQ's expansion plan involves over 100 locations, with 22 stores currently offering sustenance. Seven more stores will adopt the PLOQ concept, underscoring St1's dedication to taste, health, and climate in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

A key collaborator in this architectural project, KSL Trading specializes in edgings, adhesives, and board materials. The groove-milled design, conceived in collaboration with KSL Trading, stands as a testament to the exciting possibilities presented by high-pressure laminate as a material for facades.

"Working with high-pressure laminate is exciting due to its design versatility. With the variety of decors to choose from, you easily find something suitable for individual projects. Additionally, innovative techniques like groove milling the boards allow the frame to seamlessly integrate into the overall design - as we do for PLOQ's facades," comments Tobbe Söderberg, salesman at KSL Trading.

This collaborative journey, marked by cutting-edge facades and innovative retail spaces, signifies a transformative shift in Sweden's energy and retail landscape.

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